Legal and Jail Support for All!

The DisruptJ20 Legal Hotline is (202) 869-1875
It will run continuously from 1/19 at 6PM to 1/21 at 6PM
You can find us on Twitter too: @DisruptJ20Legal

Please note: DisruptJ20’s Legal Working Group cannot dispense any legal advice. For information on what to expect when you’re expecting to maybe get arrested, check out the Dead City Legal Posse Legal Guide.

#DisruptJ20 is providing the legal support necessary to make sure any and all of our comrades participating in Inauguration-related protests can get the help they need should they find themselves in any sort of trouble with the police. We’re offering two pieces of infrastructure to assist you in your time of need: A legal hotline and jail support. What are these for you ask? Read on!

Legal Hotline (202-869-1875 // @DisruptJ20Legal)

The hotline will run from Thursday, January 19 at 6PM to Saturday, January 21 at 6PM—from before our action at the DeploraBall to after the conclusion of the Women’s March on Washington—and will be in operation 24 hours a day.

If you are arrested or detained or witness an arrest or detention, please contact our legal hotline (or our twitter) as soon as possible. When you call our hotline, you will be greeted by trained and experienced DisruptJ20 volunteers who will take in any information related to the arrest in question. We then forward this information on to our Jail Support Team.

Jail Support Team

Our jail support team uses information from our legal hotline to track down protesters in trouble, follow them through the system, keep their friends in the loop, and, finally, greet them upon their release with a crowd of supporters, food, drink, and hugs.

For anyone who has legal entanglements that take them in the days and weeks after the Inauguration, we will be providing you with support the entire way through the legal process.