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Legal Updates: – For all legal questions, please email legal@disruptj20.org

Dear Friends,

We love you! We hope you’re recovering from last week and taking good care of yourselves and each other.

The #DisruptJ20 crew is 100% dedicated to supporting all of those arrested through the entire legal process. Our organizers and legal team are working together to figure out how to best support everyone moving forward and will be communicating with you more in the coming weeks before the first court dates to assess needs and get input.

Our legal fund is off to a great start, and we know lots of people are making t-shirts, organizing shows, and finding creative ways to raise money to support all of the folks who were arrested. The money will go to supporting travel costs for those coming back to court, as well as legal fees. We’ll be figuring out a system for all of this in the next couple weeks.

If you were arrested we would love to hear from you!

For all legal questions, please email legal@disruptj20.org

Also, make sure to check out this FAQ for J20 Arrestees from the DC National Lawyers Guild

      Get in touch with us ASAP if….

    • You did not talk to a lawyer or legal support person upon being released
    • You have immediate questions or needs
    • You’re local(ish) to DC and would like to be part of the ongoing legal support team

Thanks for your patience as we regroup and prepare for this next phase.

Love & Solidarity,

The #DisruptJ20 Crew