DisruptJ20 is now ResistThis!

The past two months has been a whirlwind of awful executive orders, cabinet confirmations, attacks on our healthcare, our national budget and so much more which has been met by beautiful resistance and pivotal moments of solidarity among oppressed communities.

The DisruptJ20 crew has been helping the Dead City Legal Posse provide legal support for those who were arrested at the protests that took place on #j20, organizing spokes councils, joining others in a resisting the DC City Council nomination for Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department Peter Newsham, as well as other acts of resistance.

After successfully disrupting Trump’s Inauguration we are excited to announce, that we will continue #OurResistance. #DisruptJ20 is rebranding into two activist hubs: WeDisrupt & ResistThis!.

Resistthis.org Will work to ensure that #OurResistance to the Trump administration continues to grow and remain inclusive to all our peoples. ResistThis! is a resource for building sustainable, vibrant movements. Through collective experiences, we’ve seen how movements grow when they fight for all of us. ResistThis! will showcase mobilizations & national organizing while WeDisrupt will work on a DC specific resistance.

WeDisrupt.org is the hub where local activists can learn about upcoming DC actions. WeDisrupt is currently organizing spokes councils and ‘activist get-togethers’ in DC.

To learn more about this and how else we can disrupt together, check out WeDisrupt.org

Be on the lookout for these two resources as we continue to organize together and fight. A better world is possible.


DisruptJ20 Crew

Dear Friends,

We love you! We hope you’re recovering from last week and taking good care of yourselves and each other.

The #DisruptJ20 crew is 100% dedicated to supporting all of those arrested through the entire legal process. Our organizers and legal team are working together to figure out how to best support everyone moving forward and will be communicating with you more in the coming weeks before the first court dates to assess needs and get input.

Our legal fund is off to a great start, and we know lots of people are making t-shirts, organizing shows, and finding creative ways to raise money to support all of the folks who were arrested. The money will go to supporting travel costs for those coming back to court, as well as legal fees. We’ll be figuring out a system for all of this in the next couple weeks.

If you were arrested we would love to hear from you!

For all legal questions, please email legal@disruptj20.org

Also, make sure to check out this FAQ for J20 Arrestees from the DC National Lawyers Guild

      Get in touch with us ASAP if….

    • You did not talk to a lawyer or legal support person upon being released
    • You have immediate questions or needs
    • You’re local(ish) to DC and would like to be part of the ongoing legal support team

Thanks for your patience as we regroup and prepare for this next phase.

Love & Solidarity,

The #DisruptJ20 Crew

F*ck Yea We Disrupted It

Now that the dust has settled from the whirlwind organizing of DisruptJ20, it is important for us to reflect publicly on what we were able to accomplish and what it means going forward.

First, let us go over the numbers. Our paid staff consisted of a whopping grand total of zero people. Contrary to what the right wing blogs have been saying, no one got paid. No,

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Massive Protests at Trump’s Inauguration Aim to Set a Tone of Resistance for the Coming Years

Massive Resistance includes Rallies, Marches, Parties, Workshops, and Acts of Protest
Twelve Security Checkpoints will Feature Twelve Issue-Specific Protests
Press Conference, 9:30 AM-10:30 AM, Thursday, Jan 12, 2017, Location TBA

Washington DC — Activists and organizers are planning massive protests and acts of resistance during the inauguration of Donald J. Trump on January 20. The DC Counter-Inaugural Welcoming Committee, also known as DisruptJ20, is planning a massive permitted, family-friendly march and rally that day, as well as unpermitted anticapitalist marches, an activist party that evening, and a web of protests at individual security checkpoints.

DisruptJ20 is also coordinating mass housing for activists from out of town, legal support for arrestees and others, medic teams to be present in the street, de-escalation teams to respond to conflict, media teams to relay current information, gathering spaces for activists, and more. Information such as welcome packets, maps, and event calendars will be distributed to the press and public.

Beginning at 9 AM on January 20, McPherson Square in downtown Washington DC will be a DisruptJ20 staging area and rallying point for many marches, as well as spontaneous, unpermitted events. An unpermitted, anticapitalist march will begin at 10 AM in Logan Circle. A fully-permitted DisruptJ20 march will begin at 12 PM at Columbus Circle and march to McPherson Square. Another permitted march organized by Occupy Inauguration will start from Malcolm X Park (often called Meridian Hill) and march downtown to McPherson Square join DisruptJ20. McPherson Square will contain tents, portable toilets, a stage, sound system, signage, a medic area, food donations, and other amenities. More unpermitted actions are likely to occur at some point after 3 PM and continue into the evening.

Colorful disruptions will occur right at the Inaugural Parade Route. Twelve checkpoints have been identified by DisruptJ20 organizers that participants will have to pass through in order to attend the inaugural ceremony. To call attention to the many threats faced by people and planet, each of these twelve checkpoints will be the site of an issue-specific protest. Issues will include racial justice, immigrant rights, LGBTQ+, antiwar, border justice, labor, climate,and other issues.

Each checkpoint protest is being organized by a group or set of groups in collaboration with DisruptJ20. In the past, each checkpoint has included metal detectors, police officers, the secret service, and national guard. Details and logistics are still being pulled together for these twelve actions, and information will be released publicly as soon as possible.

“We’re bringing widespread civil resistance to the streets of Washington DC through protests, direct actions, and even parties, and we want you there with us,” said Legba Carrefour, an organizer with DisruptJ20 who is helping plan anticapitalist marches and other activities. “Join us for a bold mobilization against Trump’s inauguration.”

Many groups are allied with DisruptJ20 in sending a clear message during the J20 week. A climate-specific day of action will occur on Thursday, January 18, culminating in a Earth2Trump Roadshow with performers and speakers. Antifascist groups are planning a protest at the “Deploraball,” a Trump celebration planned by white supremacists, Nazis, and rape apologists on January 19 at the National Press Club. ANSWER Coalition is planning a large rally on January 20. A #Trump420 event planned by the DC Marijuana Justice Coalition will feature people handing out marijuana joints. Through the evening, the Peace Ball, the UnNagural, and the Unity Ball will all provide entertainment, music, and libations while standing opposed to Trump’s agenda. The All in Service DC campaign has coordinated for bars and restaurants to give donations to local nonprofits serving at-risk communities through the lucrative weekend. The People’s Inaugural Ball on January 20 and People’s Inauguration on January 21 are being planned by #StayWokeAndFight with Howard University to call for racial justice. The Women’s March on Washington will occur on Saturday, January 21.

“We know that a lot of people out there agree with us. People know that now is the time to resist,” said Lacy MacAuley, a member of the DisruptJ20 Media Team and the DC Antifascist Coalition. “We protest to set a tone of resistance for the coming years. Trump is a sign of a dangerous shift toward fascism, hate, and exclusion. Many of us protest because Trump represents a threat to our very existence. Many of us do not have the luxury of remaining quiet through this crisis. We simply must stand up, and stand against what Trump represents.”

From January 14 to January 16, DisruptJ20 will hold the DisruptJ20 Action Camp, a series of trainings and workshops in DC to prepare people for upcoming actions, particularly those around the Inauguration. The trainings aim to provide space for participants to collectively analyze and discuss why resistance and action is important under the Trump administration, how we can resist, and what future our actions are building towards.

On Thursday, January 12 at 9:30 AM, a press conference will be hosted by the DisruptJ20 Media Team to go over details of the protests and acts of resistance that we can expect to see throughout the J20 week. Location to be announced shortly.

More releases of information from the DisruptJ20 Media Team are forthcoming, and there will be a press conference call on the evening of January 20 to provide information on the day’s activities. Please visit our DisruptJ20 Media page if you wish to sign up to receive these releases.

# # #
DisruptJ20 rejects all forms of domination and oppression, particularly those based on racism, poverty, gender, and sexuality, organizes by consensus, and embraces a diversity of tactics. www.disruptj20.org

DisruptJ20 Releases Statement on Project Veritas Video — January 16, 2017

Contact: Lacy MacAuley, (202) 815-0288, lacymacauley@gmail.com
Legba Carrefour, (202) 297-4511, media@disruptj20.org
www.DisruptJ20.org, @DisruptJ20

DisruptJ20 Releases Statement on Project Veritas Video
Organizers with DC Antifascist Coalition knew they were likely being monitored by an infiltrator when that video was taken. Activists fed false information to Project Veritas infiltrator.


DisruptJ20 proudly carries forward the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

King participated in civil disobedience to raise unprecedented awareness of the ills of racism, poverty, and militarism. Today, we commemorate him by planning acts of civil disobedience in the streets and in the open during the Inauguration. We have been transparent in these intentions for the entire duration of our organizing.

Over the last few weeks, we have exposed four confirmed infiltrators who have tried to integrate themselves into our organizing. These are people who were working with James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. We must make this clear: These groups are doing the dirty work of Nazis, white nationalists, and other groups who are furthering Trump’s assault on vulnerable communities.

Two infiltrators appeared at an antifascist organizing meeting and immediately fell under suspicion due to their vague backstories, poor education about our movement, and unusual dress. Social media checks showed that one, Tarah. Tarah, who called herself “Tarah,” was a failed actress who was friends on Facebook with James O’Keefe.

One of these infiltrators was someone calling himself “Tyler.” Due to suspicions, the organizers initiated their vetting process with a false flag operation. Our allies at the DC Antifascist Coalition met with Tyler. Because they thought it would be a humorous venue, they arranged to meet with Tyler at Comet Ping Pong, which has recently been targeted by right-wing fake news outlets. Though the coalition members did not know who he was working for, they knew Tyler was not who he said he was. So, they met in advance of their meeting with Tyler, and planned to gave him false information about the what they felt was the most humorous red herring available: a false plot to use stink bombs at an event called the Deploraball with the so-called “Alt Right.” Tyler, as it turned out, was recording a video for Project Veritas.

False plans were discussed with Tyler. They spoke of false plans in order to protect themselves, and did not discuss any real intentions. It is laughable that Project Veritas believes that organizers would discuss secret “stink bomb’ plans with an unknown individual in a public venue. Project Veritas’ lack of judgement portrays the poor quality of their work.

The group had however purchased tickets to the Deploraball for the purpose of video taping.

“The group had no intention of causing any damage or disruption at the Deploraball,” said one of our organizers, who appears in the Veritas video. “Instead, the intent was to capture on video any compromising moments from the performers or speakers, such as the Nazi salutes that similar groups gave in November, broadcast widely by The Atlantic.”

Other infiltrators include Marissa, who, using her real first name, appeared at a small planning meeting on Saturday, January 7, with brown hair and all-American demeanor. Then the same woman appeared with dyed neon red hair and heavy gothic makeup to our DisruptJ20 Action Camp on Saturday, January 14. She was recognized immediately and promptly escorted away from the event.

At every meeting, we reaffirm our commitment to not harming anyone. We stand by our principles and are committed to building the broadest possible resistance to Trump’s agenda.

For more information on our Counter Inaugural activities, please visit www.disruptj20.org.

# # #
DisruptJ20 rejects all forms of domination and oppression, particularly those based on racism, poverty, gender, and sexuality, organizes by consensus, and embraces a diversity of tactics. www.disruptj20.org